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Digital Tutors Infiltrator Pipeline Volume 3 : Rigging

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Digital Tutors - 'Infiltrator' Production Pipeline Volume 3: Rigging
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Required software Maya 2011
In this course we will take the crab robot Justin has built and rig it to performance based off of the certain specifications.

We'll construct the control rig with a production focus. In the end, we will not only have worked with the rigging tools in Maya, but we'll also have looked into ways we can use some of those tools creatively to get the job done right and at a faster pace.

Lesson Outline (33 lessons)

1. Introduction and Project Overview
2. Starting on the Proxy Mesh for the Infiltrator
3. Finishing the Proxy Cage
4. Beginning the Infiltrator rig and creating the middle leg's bones
5. Creating Joint Chains for the rest of the legs
6. Building joints for the arms
7. Connecting IK Handles to the limbs and Parenting the Proxy Meshes
8. Starting on the revolving leg rig
9. Working on the Infiltrator's body rig
10. Leg controls for the Infiltrator
11. Creating knee controls
12. Setting up the Infiltrator's arm and elbow controls
13. Using Custom Attributes for the claws
14. Dynamically Parenting the arms to the body
15. The Center of Gravity control
16. Creating controls for the revolving legs
17. Finishing the revolve controls for the legs
18. Establishing a revolve control for the Infiltrator's body
19. Rigging the head
20. Beginning the eye rig
21. Finalizing the eye rig
22. Rigging the neck
23. Using Deformers to rig the head flexor
24. Rigging the pistons connected to the back shells
25. Creating controls for the back shells
26. Completing the shell rig
27. Automating the movement of the front shells
28. Adding automated subtleties with Set Driven Keys
29. Finalizing the automation of the front shells
30. Building a Global Control and organizing the scene
31. Working with Character Sets
32. Tying the Render Mesh of the Infiltrator into the control rig
33. Finalizing the Infiltrator control rig

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