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CG Academy 3DMax HLSL Shader Creation 1

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CG Academy 3DMax  HLSL Shader Creation 1 : HLSL Fundamental
DVD 3DMax | 3 Hours 14 Minutes | 1,29 GB

Content :
CH 01: What is HLSL?
Ben explains what HLSL is and why its useful to learn how to use it.

CH 02: The Graphics Pipeline
Then he gives a run through of a typical pipeline on current video cards. Explaining 
where the different elements of HLSL shaders come in to play.

CH 03: Shader Writing Setup
Ben then shows how to setup 3dsmax and 3rd party software to create an intuitive 
and fast shader development environment.

CH 04: Basic Programming: Data Types
Now we look at some of the fundamentals concepts of programming in HLSL. 
Ben starts with Data Types.

CH 05: Basic Programming: Structs
Then he moves on to explain Structs.

CH 06: Basic Programming: Functions
And Ben wraps up this section by looking at how Functions work in HLSL.

CH 07: FX Framework: The User Interface
HLSL shaders have a standard framework in which they should be created. 
This is known as the FX Framework. Here Ben explain the GUI elements of that framework.

CH 08: FX Framework: Input & Output Structs
We then look at the Input and Output Structs of the FX Framework.

CH 09: FX Framework: Vertex & Pixel Shaders
Then we look at the main "meat" of the FX Framework, the Vertex and Pixel Shaders.

CH 10: FX Framework: Techniques & Passes
And we finish this section by exploring Techniques and Passes.

CH 11: Creating Simple Shaders
With the FX Framework under our belt we now have the tools to attempt creating simple shaders. 
Here Ben shows you how to create a very simple shader to get the ball rolling.

CH 12: A Diffuse Shading Model
And we complete the DVD by looking at how we can simulate Diffuse lighting in a shading model . 
Then Ben shows us how to implement this in our simple shader. 
We now have our first functional HLSL shader.

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