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CG Academy 3DMax Intermediate Rigging 4

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CG Academy 3DMax  Intermediate Rigging 4 : Facial Rigging Techniques
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Content :
Chapter 01: Eye Rig: Main Model & Dilation
Paul starts by modelling the Eyeballs and setting up their dilation system.

Chapter 02: Eye Rig: Directional Controls
With the eyes in place, Paul then sets up their directional control.

Chapter 03: Head: Setup For Morphing
Paul discusses how the head should be setup for the morph based system, including 
dispelling an "urban myth" about using separate heads to save on memory.

Chapter 04: Blended Morph System
A start is made on setting up the morph based system, starting with the Ogre's jaw.

Chapter 05: Blended Or Muscle Based Morph
Paul shows how problems with intersections caused by the jaw can be counteracted 
with corrective morphs.

Chapter 06: Creating The Facial UI
We write a script to create one of the facial UI elements and then use this to 
build the entire facial UI system.

Chapter 07: Facial Rigging
Paul then rigs together a number of morph targets and the facial UI.

Chapter 08: Eyebrows: Scripting Reaction Manager
Using Reaction Controllers Paul shows how the eye brow morph shapes can be 
setup to create a natural roll from the UI movements.

Chapter 09: Storing Poses In Pen Attrib Holder
Paul completes this section by showing how the facial UI animation can be 
stored using his Pen Attribute Holder.

Chapter 10: Bone Based Facial System
In the second section we look at a totally different system based on bones. 
Paul explains the basis of the system here and shows how the bones have been setup.

Chapter 11: Skinning The Facial Bones
Then he moves on to show how the bones are skinned to the face.

Chapter 12: Creating Control Objects
Paul shows how the control objects can be created and then rigged in to each set of bone controls.

Chapter 13: Mirroring Without Negative Scale
Once the control objects are working on the right side of the face we need 
to "mirror" them to the left side without using scale.

Chapter 14: Rigging Eyebrow And Lids
Paul shows how the Ogre's eyebrows and lids can be rigged using the same controls and bones.

Chapter 15: Connecting The Jaw Bone
And now the jaw bone is added to the rig and set up with its own control object.

Chapter 16: Fine Level Controls
Now each bone nexus has its own fine level control added to give the animator 
total control over the Ogre's facial expression.

Chapter17: New Features in 3dsmax 7 & 8
In this Bonus Chapter Paul shows how the new feature added in 3dsmax 7 and 8 
can be used to simplify and speed up our rigging process and rigs.

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