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CG Academy 3DMax MAXScript Fundamental 1

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CG Academy 3DMax  MAXScript Fundamental 1 : Variable, Macroscript & Functions
DVD 3DMax | 3 Hours, 4 Minutes | 1,11 GB

Content :
Ch 01: What is MAXScript
Laszlo explains what a scripting language is and how MAXScript fits into this picture.

Ch 02:Accessing the MAXScript Listener
Laszlo explains what the MAXScript listener is and how can we access it.

Ch 03: Basic Concepts – Variables
An introduction to some of the basic concepts involved in scripting, starting here with Variables.

Ch 04: Properties
What are object properties?

Ch 05: Functions
What are Functions, what can we do with them?

Ch 06: Evaluation
Laszlo explains how a line of MAXScript is evaluated by 3dsmax and 
what implications evaluation has on our scripting.

Ch 07: Script Editor & Macro Scripts
An introduction to the Script Editor and Macroscripts.

Ch 08: The Tree Creator Script
Laszlo starts a practical tutorial on how to make a script to populate a plane with fir tree models.

Ch 09: Class Definitions & Property Inheritance
Within the Tree tutorial Laszlo explains what Class Definitions are and how Property Inheritance works.

Ch 10: Function Definitions
We need functions to make our Tree Creator script work, Laszlo runs through how to do so here.

Ch 11: Accessing Data & Simple Matrix Maths
How can we access the vertex data for the tree landscape mesh and then position 
the trees on those verts using some basic Matrix math.

Ch 12: Controlling Script Flow, For Cycles
We need to repeat the tree placement action for each vertex , so here Laszlo 
shows how For Cycles can be used to do so.

Ch 13: Fool-Proofing Your Scripts
So now our Tree script works, here Laszlo shows how we can put measures
in place to stop errors occurring with it when in practical use.

Ch 14: Scripting Tips and Tricks
Laszlo finishes off by running through a number concepts, tricks and tricks that 
can help you when writing your own first MAXScripts.

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