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CG Academy 3DMax MAXScript Fundamental 2

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CG Academy 3DMax  MAXScript Fundamental 2 : Maxscript For The Masses
DVD 3DMax | 3 Hours, 13 Minutes | 957 MB

Content :
CH 01: Arrays and Object Sets
A brief introduction to the concepts of Arrays and Object Sets, both which 
facilitate working easily with large groups of objects.

CH 02: Working with Object Sets
Here we look at how to work with Object sets.

CH 03: Filtering Object Sets
How we can filter object sets to create more specific groups of scene nodes to work on.

CH 04: Working with General Node Properties
All scene nodes share a set of General Node Properties, here Bobo shows 
how these properties can be worked with.

CH 05: Filtering by Mesh Properties
Here Bobo shows how mesh objects mesh specific properties can be used to
filter out specific objects in out scenes.

CH 06: Mass-Changing Properties
How to change multiple properties in one go via various methods, including mapped functions .

CH 07: Randomizing Properties, Renaming Nodes
Show how we can randomize properties on multiple objects very quickly i.e. 
bend angles. Also how to rename multiple nodes with unique names quickly.

CH 08: Attack of the Instanced Clones
How to work with instanced objects, how to create instanced nodes, how to 
break instancing and also how to re-instance object nodes once more.

CH 09: Working with Modifiers
How to copy and paste modifiers both as instances and also as unique items. 
How to break an instance and also how to re-create it.

CH 10: Working with Animation Keys
Shows how to adjust many animation keys in one go.

CH 11: Working With Materials
How can we apply materials to our objects, how to define new materials and 
how to work with materials within the material editor.

CH 12: Saving Objects
Shows how we can take selections of scene nodes and save them out to 
specific local or network locations for later use. Bobo then goes on to show how these 
saved files can be imported via script also.

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