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CG Academy 3DMax HLSL Shader Creation 2

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CG Academy 3DMax  HLSL Shader Creation 2
DVD 3DMax | 3 Hours, 24 Minutes | 2,27 GB

Content :
CH01: Normal Mapping
Ben starts by looking at how we can use Normal Maps to add surface detail and form to our shading.

CH02: Basic Lighting - Ambient Light
We start our exploration of surface shading by modelling the non-directional Ambient lighting component.

CH03: Basic Lighting - Diffuse Light
Now we add in directional diffuse lighting into our shading model.

CH04: Basic Lighting - Specular Light
And we finish off our basic shading model with our Specular highlights.

CH05: Advanced Lighting – Light Attenuation
Now Ben looks at how we can better model our light sources. So, firstly we make 
our lights intensity diminish over distance, just as lights do in the real world.

CH06: Advanced Lighting – Directional Lights
Next Ben models distant light sources, such as the Sun, with directional light.

CH07: Advanced Lighting – Spot Lights
And finally Ben looks at how we can focus a light into a defined circular throw, with a Spot light.

CH08: GI – Ambient Occlusion
We now move on to look at how we can model our Ambient light component 
more closely with Ambient Occlusion.

CH09: GI – Using Ambient Cube Maps
Then Ben shows us how we can use Ambient Cube Maps to blend in with our 
Ambient Occlusion maps, and produced enhanced ambient lighting.

CH10: GI – Creating Ambient Cube Maps
And finally we look at how we can create Ambient Cube Maps from our own HDRI images.

CH11: Lighting Models – Phong/Blinn
In this section of the DVD we look at further shading models. Firstly we look at 
the differences between the Phong and Blinn specular shading models.

CH12: Lighting Models – Cook/Torrence
And then we move on to look at the Cook/Torrence shading model. A shader 
designed to better model the specular response of metal.

CH13: Lighting Models – Oren/Nayar
And we wrap up the DVD by looking at the Oren/Nayar shading model. 
A shader that models highly diffuse surfaces.
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