Sabtu, 05 November 2011

Wedding Photography - Rapid-Fire Tips and Tricks (Kelby Training)

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Wedding Photography - Rapid-Fire Tips and Tricks (Kelby)
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Genre: Video Training
David Ziser is back with a brand new, rapid-fire learning session comprised of the many wedding photography tips and tricks he's discovered in his 25-year career. In the end, you'll come away with an arsenal of solid techniques that you can put to work right away for better photos and higher profits.

Shooting in Natural Surroundings (03:12)
Avoiding the Dappled Lighting (01:43)
Building the Photograph (03:43)
Longer Focal Length (02:32)
Head and Shoulders Shot (07:38)
Pampas Grass Background (06:21)
Bright, Direct Sunlight (02:58)
Checking for Blinkies (04:06)
Brick Background (09:40)
Working with Available Light (04:04)
Leading Lines (04:29)
Finding a Location (04:18)
Classic Profile Views (03:41)
Directional Light (02:43)
Posing for the Final Shots (08:24)

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