Rabu, 09 November 2011

Free Download Photoshop for 3D 2010

Free Download
Photoshop for 3D 2010
7 images to follow along in the tutorials | 2 PSD files to follow along in the tutorials
1 smoke brush | 1 PDF "Photoshop for 3D" | 60MB

This six chapter eBook aims to show the value of post-production and more specifically the ways in which Photoshop can be used to aid the 3D pipeline. Over the course of six chapters we shall focus on the various tools and techniques on offer in Photoshop that are frequently used to improve 3D renders. Compositing passes, adding particle effects, improving lighting and making general colour adjustments are a few of the topics covered, as well as ways to create backgrounds that both complement and enhance characters. The methods presented within this series can provide an efficient alternative to lengthy render tests and experimenting with numerous settings, and will enable artists to seamlessly blend 2D techniques into a 3D process, resulting in a versatile and streamlined workflow. Ext. Information: The distribution also contains resources used by the authors in their work.

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