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Gnomon Workshop - Visual Development with Marc Gabbana Vol 1

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Gnomon Workshop - Visual Development with Marc Gabbana Vol 1 (ENG/2010)
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In this series, Marc Gabbana walks you through his visual development process as he creates the TribalBot, a forest dwelling robotic vehicle. In this second volume, he begins by adding tone to his pen drawings using Adobe Photoshop. Marc demonstrates how to work with values and shading, and he shares his methodology for layer management. He also shows you which custom brushes he uses as he adds dimension to his designs. Through his gray scale paintings, Marc emphasizes how value, composition and lighting are all integral for creating drama and mood in a scene. Lastly, he shows you how to combine various tone images to create new and unexpected lighting scenarios. The final image is a fully painted TribalBot ready to pounce off the screen.

Topics Covered:
Visual Development Vol. 1
* How 2D Orthographic Drawings Inform 3D Design
* Mastering Perspective by Drawing Cubes
* Anchoring Characters in Perspective
* Using Key Lighting Concepts to Make Objects Appear Realistic
* Exploring Shapes and Forms
* Blue-line Pencil Drawing and Pen Sketching
* Maintaining the Energy of a Gesture Drawing
* Using Drafting Instruments for Precise Inking

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