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Tutorial Lynda.com - Adobe InDesign CS5 Essentials

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Tutorial Lynda.com - Adobe InDesign CS5 Essentials
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Author David Blatner provides in-depth training on InDesign CS5, Adobe's print and interactive page layout application, in InDesign CS5 Essential Training. The course shows how to create new documents with strong and flexible master pages, precisely position text and graphics, prepare documents for print, and export designs as interactive PDF or Flash SWF files. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
Navigating and customizing the workspace
Managing documents and pages
Rotating pages and spreads
Adjusting and mixing page sizes
Overriding master page items
Putting text on a path
Threading text frames
Applying strokes, fills, and other formatting effects
Nesting, grouping, and locking objects
Formatting: character-level and paragraph-level
Packaging, printing, and exporting

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