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CG.TUTSPLUS.COM - Video Tutorials for 3ds Max (Volume 1)

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CG.TUTSPLUS.COM - Video Tutorials for 3ds Max (Volume 1)
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Cgtuts+ is a source of learning on all aspects of computer graphics. We pump out regular tutorials on Maya, 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Blender, Mudbox and more. We cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced CG artists. Our tutorials are the best on the web, hands-down – that’s why over 4 million people visit our network of tutorial sites each month. Whether your dream (or reality) is building CG models, textures and animations for games, movies, commercials, architecture or elsewhere, you’ll learn techniques that you can apply to your projects today.

The Graphite Modeling Tools
3DS MAX 6 EditPoly Modeling Fish 
An Introduction to Subdivision (High-Poly) Modeling Tools and Techniques
Array Tutorial
Create An Advanced Drifting Car Rig In 3dsMax
Introduction To 3dsMax Polygonal Modeling Tools
Quickly Create A Realistic Looking Nokia 5800 In 3dsMax
Using The Xoliul Realtime Viewport Shader In 3dsMax
Exterior Light Modeling - 3D Studio Max Tutorial by Ben Tate
How to Bake a Flawless Normal Map in 3ds Max
How to Create Cool Hair and Fur Effects in 3ds Max 
Making Realistic Water in 3ds Max
Model a Detailed High Poly Fire Hydrant in 3ds Max
Model a High-Poly Car Wheel in 3ds Max  
Model a High-Poly Roof Hatch in 3ds Max
Model, Paint, and Animate a Realistically Stylized Eye in 3ds Max
Modelling a Walking Bridge Header 
Next-Gen Weapon Creation   
Shingle modeling in 3D studio max
Sink Project 
Spacing Tool
Using Splines to Add Detail to Your High-Poly Model in 3ds Max
Using Splines to Quickly Create Highly Complex Geometry in 3ds Max  
Wire bench  
Create an Interactive 3d Model Viewer using 3ds Max and Wirefusion  
How to Create a Realistic Candle Scene with 3ds Max and FumeFX  
Model a High-Poly RPG Rocket Launcher in 3ds Max 
Model a Modern Spiral Staircase in 3ds Max 
Create a Marching Army Animation using Particles in 3ds Max

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