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The Logo Creator 5.2 Mega Pack

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The Logo Creator 5.2 Mega Pack
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The Logo Creator sengaja dibuat untuk memudahkan kita dalam merancang logo, ini relatif cukup  mudah digunakan, dengan antar muka (user interface) yang atraktif, simpel, tapi cukup powerful untuk menghasilkan sebuah logo keren yang terlihat profesional. Kita bisa mengeksplorasi perancangan logo dengan mengambil bentuk template yang sudah disediakan oleh program ini.

Berikut ini beberapa fitur dan keunggulan yang ditawarkan software ini:
    Make a logo using professional templates
    Create a logo and other graphics that look like a photoshop guru spent hours laboring over!
    The Logo Creator will Improve your image
    With this easy to use logo maker, you’ll be able to design high quality logos and other images for your forums, blogs, business and social network groups
    Sell the logos you create
    Each and every company logo you design is royalty free and can be sold to your own customers.
    Easy to Use
    The Logo Creator 5.0 is among the few, easy to use design software available. Most design software requires a lot of experience to be able to come with something credible. With The Logo Creator, all that a customer has to do is to customize the pre-made logo templates according to his or her own needs. You can expect to be in complete control of how your logo is designed. You can modify it to your complete satisfaction.

    Format Compatibility
    Any logo that you create using this software is ready to be used with all web designing tools as well as graphic design programs. You can even import your company logo into your e-mail to give a strong impression of your company to prospective clients and partners.
    Incredible Designs
    With the help of The Logo Creator, you are able to come up with the kind of designs that a Photoshop expert comes up with hours of tireless work. Quite simply, this logo software is like enjoying some of the benefits of a logo design studio without actually being in one.
    Large Portfolio of Pre-made Designs
    When a customer purchases The Logo Creator 5.0 software, a large portfolio of pre-made company logo templates is included. You can modify as well as customize that design to suit your needs. Also included in the package is a set of 50 free fonts

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