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Video Tutorial KelbyTraining: Mastering Camera Raw in CS5

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KelbyTraining: Mastering Camera Raw in CS5
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As a photographer, you have two options to take pictures; JPG and RAW. In both scenarios, you are going to need a consistent workflow for color correction, sharpness, and special effect. Join NAPP Instructor RC Concepcion as he walks you through all of the buttons, options, and functions of Adobe Camera Raw. At the end of the course, you will be a Camera Raw Master!

Introduction (00:41)
Raw Versus JPG (07:26)
Opening a RAW File in Adobe Camera Raw (02:00)
Opening a JPG file in Adobe Camera Raw (03:19)
Changing White Balance for your Images (04:38)
Using Exposure and Recovery (04:18)
Adding Fill Light and Blacks (03:05)
Using Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation (04:27)
Updating your XMP files, Writing to DNG, and Syncrhonizing files (06:26)
Sharpening and Noise Removal for your Images (07:44)
Creating Black and Whites and Split Tones (07:41)
Adding Grain and Vignette Special Effects (05:47)
Process Version and Profiles (06:23)
Using Presets and Snapshots (04:29)
Using Crop/Straighten, and Adjustment Brushes (12:13)
Using the Clone and Redeye Tool (06:12)
Using the Eyedropper and Searching for Gray (04:50)
Exploring the Preferences of Camera Raw (04:15)
Lens Correction in Camera Raw 6 (02:10)
Conclusion (00:48)

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