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3DTotal Textures V06:R2 - "Clean Textures" Free Download

Free Download
3DTotal Textures V06:R2 - "Clean Textures" 
- 569 MB -

Introduction :
Total Textures V06:R2 – "Clean Textures" is a collection of “clean” textures that have little or no “aged/stressed” elements. The collection consists of straight “new” looking textures such as new woods, fabrics, bricks, tiles, wallpapers and stones.
All image maps have been obtained from original photography. Each image is 100% seamless (painted out by hand) and available in two resolutions (approx 1400x1400 and 700x700) with a matching bump maps.
This DVD contains 176 individual materials, comprising of over 1880 individual, hand-crafted texture maps and are all fully tileable. Every texture now has its own unique colour map, bump map, specular and, in some cases, even have a normal map.
Each texture has been tiled four times, then had some repeating patterns painted out, and then been tiled four times again to give huge areas of the tileable texture. We have also included for all of the maps, pre-tiled x4 and x16 versions with many of the repetitions painted out for texturing middle and far distance objects.

Product details
Texture format: jpeg
Average texture resolution: 700x700 or 1400x1400
Interface: HTML interface providing easy browsing and map selection
Software: Compatible with all 3D software packages
Browser: Compatible with all browsers
Computer: PC and Mac compatible
Format: Texture DVD


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