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Video Tutorial Kelby Training Photoshop Type Effects with Corey Barker

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Kelby Training Photoshop Type Effects with Corey Barker Video Tutorial 
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Join Corey Barker as he shows designers some fun and creative ways to manipulate text in Photoshop. Along with a healthy dose of design tips, viewers will also learn about where to find free fonts on the web, sources for type-design inspiration, how to design with smart objects, color effects, and layer styles. The last few lessons of this course cover how to design with the new 3D tools in Photoshop CS5 Extended. These final lessons are specific to CS5 Extended, but there is plenty of information in this course for every version of Photoshop. Whether you work in print or web, text effects are important design elements for users in every area and at every skill level. Course outline on next page.

1. Introduction and Key Concepts (07:08)
2. Hollywood Effects, Part 1 (09:47)
3. Hollywood Effects, Part 2 (09:54)
4. Displaced Textures (06:41)
5. Surfer Style Text (11:52)
6. Warping Effects (13:05)
7. Type Brush Effects (12:48)
8. Text, Paths, and Styles (12:08)
9. Words and Shapes (10:57)
10. 3D Word Cloud (11:17)
11. 3D Reflection Effects (14:14)
12. 3D Hollywood Effects, Part 1 (11:20)
13. 3D Hollywood Effects, Part 2 (10:23)

Download :
Part1 | Part2
Pass & Trick Download

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