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Illustrator CS5 One on One Mastery

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Lynda: Illustrator CS5 One-on-One - Mastery
ENG | eLearning | rar | 2.1 Gb
Author: Deke McClelland
Duration:13h 05m
Released on: 1/28/2011

In Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Mastery, the third and final part of the comprehensive Illustrator One-on-One series, author and industry expert Deke McClelland shows how to take advantage of the wide array of dynamic effects in Illustrator CS5. Deke explores Illustrator’s powerful Gradient Mesh feature, great for creating photorealistic airbrushing effects. He also covers graphic styles, the liquify tools, envelope-style distortions, the new Bristle Brushes, 3D text, and perspective drawing. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  •  Working with dynamic effects
  •  Placing artwork as a Photoshop Smart Object
  •  Creating and editing a Gradient Mesh
  •  Distorting artwork with an Envelope Mesh
  •  Using the Calligraphic, Art, and Scatter Brushes
  •  Creating an intricate Pattern Brush
  •  Importing and graphing data
  •  Creating a complex pictograph
  •  Drawing and editing a perspective shape
  •  Working with the new Perspective Grid tool
  •  Using the 3D Revolve effect
  •  Creating 3D type with Extrude & Bevel
  •  Recording and playing automated actions
Content :


00m 45s
Linking AI and EPS files to Illustrator
06m 34s
Installing the dekeKeys keyboard shortcuts
07m 43s
Remapping Mac OS shortcuts
06m 56s
Installing the Best Workflow color settings
04m 56s
The color settings explained
07m 04s
Preserve Numbers vs. embedded profiles
03m 24s

23. Dynamic Effects

My favorite features in all of Illustrator
01m 21s
Introducing the Transform effect
05m 30s
Repeating the last effect you applied
04m 52s
Applying multiple passes of a single effect
05m 21s
The wonders of editing dynamic artwork
07m 13s
Applying effects inside effects
05m 11s
Assigning an effect to an entire layer
05m 42s
Building a complex bevel effect
05m 44s
Placing artwork as a Photoshop Smart Object
04m 55s
Editing that Smart Object in Illustrator
04m 21s
Rotating continuously overlapping objects
05m 34s
Adjusting a dynamic transformation origin
06m 22s
Vector vs. raster effects
05m 46s
Introducing the Scribble effect
05m 23s
Copying effects between layers
04m 20s
Introducing Graphic Styles
06m 50s
Controlling the Filter Gallery preview
02m 28s
Document Raster Effects Settings
04m 31s
Combining and saving styles
04m 32s

24. Gradient Mesh

Airbrushing with points and handles
01m 45s
Introducing the gradient mesh
06m 10s
Working with the Mesh tool
06m 12s
Lifting colors from a tracing template
05m 47s
Finessing the colors of mesh points
04m 17s
Creating a mesh with the Mesh tool
07m 19s
Adding a gradient mesh to a circle
04m 37s
Adding a gradient mesh to a slender shape
08m 07s
Creating soft and sharp transitions
06m 56s
Converting a linear gradient to a mesh
07m 29s
Editing a linear gradient mesh
05m 06s
Converting a radial gradient to a mesh
08m 19s
Editing a radial gradient mesh
08m 15s
Creating credible cast shadows
05m 32s

25. Liquify and Envelope

The best of static and dynamic adjustments
00m 58s
Adding wings to a horse in Photoshop
06m 52s
Introducing the Warp tool
06m 29s
Brush size, Detail, and Simplify
08m 24s
The Twirl, Pucker, and Bloat tools
06m 13s
The Scallop, Crystallize, and Wrinkle tools
05m 55s
Creating a mind-blowing custom starburst
04m 29s
Introducing Envelope Distort
05m 21s
Editing the contents of an envelope
05m 20s
Warping an envelope mesh
05m 20s
Liquifying the contents of an envelope
07m 07s
Creating and editing an envelope mesh
07m 59s
Blending an envelope into a background
04m 35s
26. Brushes

Outlines along a path
01m 13s
Weaving a pattern throughout an illustration
06m 24s
Introducing the Brushes panel
04m 21s
Applying and editing a calligraphic brush
08m 28s
Applying and scaling art brushes
06m 06s
Applying and editing a scatter brush
05m 29s
Formatting and scaling brushed text
05m 40s
Editing the path outlines of an art brush
06m 02s
Replacing an existing art brush
06m 46s
Creating and refining an art brush
08m 03s
Tiling pattern vs. pattern brushes
05m 12s
Creating a pattern brush
08m 20s
Designing the perfect side pattern
07m 01s
Start, end, and corner tiles
08m 58s
Expanding and filling brush outlines
06m 49s
Text brushes vs. type on a path
06m 55s
Combining a text brush with the Width tool
08m 43s
Introducing the bristle brushes
05m 43s
Adjusting the hairs in a bristle brush
05m 24s

27. Graphs and Pictographs

Charts can be beautiful
01m 17s
Adding a gradient mesh to a complex path
08m 09s
Importing and graphing data
05m 22s
Switching between the kinds of graphs
06m 08s
Changing the Graph Type settings
08m 07s
Correcting and editing data
06m 51s
Selecting and coloring graph elements
06m 29s
Making nuanced changes to a graph
08m 06s
The pitfalls of manual adjustments
08m 45s
Creating and applying graph designs
06m 28s
Making a basic pictograph
06m 47s
Assembling sliding graph designs
08m 33s
Making last-minute tweaks and edits
05m 37s
Composing and customizing a graph
05m 44s

28. Perspective Drawing

Perspective is all about real life
01m 44s
Assembling an isometric projection
08m 05s
Introducing Illustrator's Perspective Grid
06m 08s
Drawing a basic perspective cube
08m 01s
One-point, two-point, and three-point perspective
08m 25s
Creating automatically scaling box labels
04m 41s
Setting up a Perspective Grid
06m 45s
Perspective Grid tips and tricks
06m 39s
Drawing and editing a perspective shape
05m 20s
Shifting between planes on the fly
05m 24s
Creating a freeform shape in perspective
07m 08s
Working with perspective symbols
08m 57s
Matching perspective with the Shear tool
02m 50s
Rendering an off-plane path in perspective
05m 07s
Replicating symbols in perspective
08m 12s
Mass-modifying perspective instances
02m 56s
Adding and editing perspective text
05m 37s
Duplicating perpendicular shapes
07m 17s
Adjusting multiple shapes on a single plane
04m 48s
Creating a perspective column
09m 23s
Duplicating a series of perspective paths
03m 20s

29. 3D Effects

Just another dynamic effect
01m 10s
Introducing the 3D Revolve effect
05m 01s
The 3D Revolve settings
07m 24s
Fixing 3D rendering problems
06m 32s
Establishing symbols for 3D art
06m 50s
Mapping symbols onto 3D surfaces
06m 14s
Adjusting shading and light
06m 25s
Toning down 3D art in Photoshop
05m 43s
Adding a photographic texture
07m 36s
Converting from Illustrator paths to Photoshop masks
04m 50s
Making 3D droplets in Photoshop
05m 58s
Unifying textures with Smart Filters
05m 48s
Creating 3D type with Extrude & Bevel
06m 44s
Coloring and correcting extruded edges
09m 15s

30. Actions

Take action today, save effort tomorrow
00m 33s
Introducing the Actions panel
04m 16s
Initiating a new action
05m 33s
Recording a practical action
04m 56s
Four ways to play an action
04m 27s
Streamlining by disabling dialog boxes
05m 48s
Editing an action set in a text editor
07m 20s
Inserting an unresponsive menu item
06m 16s
Match-processing a folder of files
05m 42s
Recording a transformation sequence
06m 11s
Editing and troubleshooting an action
05m 06s
Recording actions within actions
07m 21s

source : http://www.lynda.com/Illustrator-CS5-tutorials/one-on-one-mastery/61022-2.html
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