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Professional Photography Tips Tutorial

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Photography 101: Professional Photography Tips Tutorial DVDRip
English | 2011 | MOV | 450MB

Commercial photography, wedding photography, professional modeling, model posing, marketing for the professional photographer, portrait photography, portrait lighting, professional photography portfolios, photography business related issues, and how to become a professional photographer. There are also how-to case studies of some very interesting commercial studio shoots, location shoots, and food photographs, where the professional photographer explains exactly how the photo was taken.
What?s it like to be a professional Photographer? What are the steps I would need to take to become a professional? What photographic equipment do I need to become a photographer? What makes one photographer better than another? What should a professional photography portfolio consist of? Questions like these, and many more are answered on this site. Enjoy your time here, bookmark us, and visit often to see what new information has added.
Included are professional commercial photographs with explanations on how those photographs were taken, including lighting diagrams and equipment lists. Also, there are essays written by professional photographers explaining different aspects of the industry and various theories relating to the profession of commercial photography.

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