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Digital Tutors -Introduction to the RotoPaint Node in Nuke 6.0

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Digital Tutors -Introduction to the RotoPaint Node in Nuke 6.0
In this series of lessons we'll learn how to use the RotoPaint node introduced in Nuke 6.0. The RotoPaint node is the new global tool for creating rotoscope shapes, painting, cloning and other brush based tools.

We'll begin this project by learning a
bout the new User Interface of the RotoPaint node and learn where everything lives. We'll then learn about the new stroke/shape list and all of the options we can quickly modify through the list shortcuts. We'll then learn about the new features of the RotoPaint node, such as copying animation on a per-shape-point basis, using layers to transform multiple shapes/strokes and using Ripple Edit to change a shape across multiple keyframes. We'll then learn how to use each of the basic tools such as Bezier and the new Bspline shapes and the selection and editing tools for shapes. Then we'll learn how to use the brush, clone, reveal, blur, sharpen, smear, dodge and burn tools to create strokes on our footage.

1. Introduction and Project Overview : 11 MB : Download
2. Overview of the RotoPaint node : 27 MB : Download
3. Editing Shape Properties in the shape list and Common tab : 29 MB : Download
4. Copying Point Position and Animation between shapes : 23 MB : Download
5. Using layers to drive multiple strokes/masks : 16 MB : Download
6. Using Ripple Edit to change multiple keyframes shapes : 19 MB : Download
7. Various methods of drawing Bezier shapes : 14 MB : Download
8. Working with B-Spline shapes and tension : 25 MB : Download
9. Editing shapes using tools and hotkeys : 29 MB : Download
10. Selecting pieces of shapes using tools and hotkeys : 30 MB : Download
11. Using the Brush Tools and Stroke Settings to paint : 36 MB : Download
12. Using the Clone and Reveal tool to draw from images : 46 MB : Download
13. "Using the Blur, Sharpen, Smear, Dodge and Burn tools"  : 36 MB : Download
project_files-Introduction to the RotoPaint Node in Nuke : 28 MB : Download

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