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DAZ Studio Pro Free Download

Free Download
DAZ Studio Pro
- 560 MB -

DAZ Studio 4 Professional is a brand new version of DAZ Studio. It includes everything in DAZ Studio 4 Advanced plus the Content Creator Toolkit and a host of other plug-ins and add-ons that will empower any 3D artist to bring their work to 3D software applications, games, real-time apps, animations, high resolution art, and more.

Created for professionals, by professionals, the Content Creator Toolkit is geared toward serious Content Creators, developing complex figures and accessories. These tools will save you weeks, or even months, of development time. If you have ANY interest in creating YOUR OWN 3D content, you NEED this toolkit.

What's Included & Features :
Content Creator Toolkit
- Weight-Map Brush (New) - Paint TriAxTM and traditional weight-maps for your figures.
- Transfer Utility (New) - Transfer rigging, grouping, and shapes from one object in your scene to another.
- Polygon Group Editor Tool (New) - Create/Edit polygon groups on any model.
- Figure Setup Tab (Updated) - (previously Skeleton Setup) Define the bone hierarchy for a figure, associated geometries, and the relationships between them.
- Joint Editor Tool (Updated) - Manipulate the Joint Parameters of a figure, along with the ability to create and/or remove bones.
- CR2 Exporter (Updated) - Export figures to the Poser Character (.cr2) format.
- Property Editor Tab (Updated) - Mass editing of property attributes, as well as creation, deletion, grouping, ordering anding.
- ERC Freeze - Adjust property values (via Parameters tab or Presets/Poses) and those properties to a controller; automatically calculating the scalar required to drive the properties to their current value when the controller is set to its current value (or 1 in the case of a 0 value).
- Morph Loader Pro (Updated) - Quickly and easily add your own custom and third-party morphs to objects in your scene, using Wavefront Object (*.obj) files, with many more options and much greater control than the Advanced version

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